MoW Strategy Management

Ministry of Works to excel in its Mission To Provide Public Works to Enhance Quality of Life, Ministry of Works has embarked on a strategic journey since 2002.
Ministry of Works’ strategy could be summarized as;
“Ministry of Works aspires to prove itself as a leading professional organization by 2015. Driven by its Core Values, MOW would strive to add a national value by partnering with the private sector and other national stakeholders to deliver sustainable quality services to its customers. MOW recognizes that it can deliver quality services only through excellence at its key internal processes and through investing in its organizational capital, being the people, the knowledge, and the induced culture.”
Ministry of Works has decided to use the Balanced Scorecard methodology for developing and implementing its strategy-aligned performance management. Building on the flexibility advantage of the BSC methodology, Ministry of Works has modified the classical BSC model to suit its own business. Thus, the outcome perspective has been focused on creating value for the customer and stakeholder.