A Leading, Professional And Socially Responsible Organization


The Ministry of Works is a lean professional, socially responsible organization, certified for the quality of its services. Its core competencies are policy management, sectoral planning, project management and monitoring, control and evaluation of service delivery by the private sector.

A Leading Customer-focused Organization


The Ministry is a leading organization in promoting public interest, equity and reach of services, transparency, sustainability and conservation of the environment.

A Key Contributor To The Development Of The Kingdom Of Bahrain


The Ministry is a key contributor to the development of the Kingdom of Bahrain through master planning, rationalization of the use of valuable resources, management of advanced technology data network, spatial databases, MIS, on-line nation-wide utility coordination, services provision, and promotion of the engineering profession.

The Structure Is Flat, Fully Networked On-Line, Internally And With Stakeholders


The structure of MOW is flat, fully networked on-line, internally and with stakeholders, agile with flexible and empowered work teams and task forces, and with all transactions performed on the network.

A High Quality Performance And Knowledge Management Culture


The ministry espouses a culture of high quality performance and knowledge management supported by efficient, highly integrated and coordinated processes geared towards achieving optimal outcomes. All layers of management are continuously seeking improvements on all processes, systems procedures, practices, services and cost effectiveness.