Strategy Management Office

 At Ministry of Works the strategy planning and execution is managed by the Strategic Planning Section, which is taking the roles and responsibilities of the “Office of Strategy Management “at the BSC terminology. This office has been started at MOW since 2005, making it the first in the region. The Strategic Planning Section is responsible for the formulation, development, planning, translating, aligning, executing, monitoring, testing and adapting, assessing, and supervising the whole strategy management process. This office is directly reporting to the top of the organization (His Excellency, the Minister”. This positioning has secured the required support to the whole strategy management’ change journey and the required access to the agreed on decisions across the Ministry. Strategic Planning Section is continuing to deepen the strength of the strategy both internally at the Ministry and externally to the other organization in the country, by conducting Strategy Clinics, which is an awareness program. This is in addition to the various participations at national and international forums and seminars for other organizations.

Contact Details

Chief of Strategic Planning and Quality Management Sections

P.O. Box: 5, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain