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Abnormal Load Application

Welcome to Ministry of Works, Abnormal Load Application eService. Continuing our effort of providing higher standard of living and quality of life to the citizens of Bahrain, we provide this eService as another channel to submit Abnormal Load Application.

Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations
Please carefully read the rules and regulations before submitting an Abnormal Load Application. It also explains under what conditions you would need to apply for an Abnormal Load Application
Submit Submit an Abnormal Load Application
Use this option to submit a new Abnormal Load Application. Please do not submit multiple times for single application. All requests are monitored and any misuse will be acted upon.
Check Request Status Inquiry
Use this option to check status of previously submitted Abnormal Load Application. To check the status you would need the application number and your business commercial registration number.
Tutorial How Do I?
Video presentation for 'How to submit new Request' and 'How to check the status of the request' using this eService. 

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