Employees Line of Sight
Strategy development and planning at Ministry of Works has been carried out at a participatory manner right from the beginning. All the top management has fully participated in the planning and execution of the adopted strategy-aligned performance management activities (workshops and meetings). Most of the middle management (80%) has been also participating in planning and execution of strategy. The rest of the organization has been participating with deferent levels and depth (60%). More than 200 objectives’ owners are developing their objectives and responsible for updating and reporting them on their performance on quarterly basis to the top management. MoW objectives are gauged by around 500 measures, which might have different owners from those of their relevant objectives. This is intentionally approached to distribute responsibility across the ministry and support the desired horizontal management. In addition, MoW has around 300 initiatives that are managed through the project management system, which assigns a specific project manager and a sponsor, plus the relevant core team and steering committee team.
All of this closely netted organizational arrangement has resulted in instilling a greater engagement for strategy at MoW. Another factor that has contributed positively in a stronger engagement of employees is the link of the employee strategic role in strategy, in addition to the functional role, with the periodical performance appraisal for employees. Employees’ performance appraisal is the basis for all the promotion and development schemes for each employee.
All of these strategy management netting-up notions has contributed to result in a better line of sight for each employee between the roles that s/he undertake and the strategic goals of the ministry, which scored as high as 93.3% during 2011 and 94% during 2012, as has been surveyed and analyzed by an external entity. The results are illustrated at the following exhibition;