Ministry of Works, Project Management Office
The MoW Project Management Office was established in 2008 as an Enterprise-wide Project Management Center of Excellence advocating and advancing Project Management best practices at the Ministry of Works.
Services & Responsibilities
  1. Coaching and Mentoring: To facilitate and support Project Managers to use best practices of project management and to guide them in using PMS templates and executing their projects as per PMS
  2. Training: To help cultivate emerging project managers in MoW. The MoW PMO conduct scheduled and on-demand workshop for MoW employees who serve as Project Managers, Project Team Members or who can otherwise benefit from instruction on project management techniques.
  3. Documentation Support: Review and assist in the development of the Project Management  documentation
  4. Reporting: Provide various reports and various reporting templates and reporting  various abased on the requirements of the management and various stakeholders
  5. Audits: Audit sample of projects to check their compliance
  6. PMS Maintenance:  Update and enhance the methodology that can easily be adopted and understood and is “fit for use”
  7. Assessment of Resources and Training Needs: Regularly assess the resources to identify their skills gap and to conduct and recommend appropriate training accordingly.
  8. PMIS help: Assist all the functional aspect related to PMIS and EDMS
  9. Advisory: Participate in meetings and strategic reviews and provide feedback and expert opinion on the practices
  10. Standardization:  Standardization of practices, reports  and terminologies and areas related to project management   

Contact Details


    Ministry of Works Project Management Office - Ministry of Works Main Building - Manama
    P.O Box: 5 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.