Best Government Website in Arab Region (2010)

Published In : 8/04/2010
The Ministry of Works recently won an award for best Governmental Web Site in the Arab region against a number of other Arab contesters, who have established electronic websites that aim at providing better services to their people and adopt transparency in providing the information they need.The Ministry’s success in this field comes as a testimony to its progress in keeping up with the latest technology for the betterment of the Bahraini people’s lives. The award, targeting the Arab world only, is seen as a stimulus to various governmental organizations to improve their electronic web sites and opt for creation in designing such sites. In this context, the Ministry has adopted creativity and professionalism in designing their web site, for which it has earned this success; based on International measures.
The award targeted certain categories such as Ministries’ web sites, Governorates’ and States’ web sites, Municipalities’ web sites, Parliaments’ web sites, Military Leaderships’ web sites, Official Media Agencies’ web sites, Official Organizations’ web sites, in addition to the web sites for Cabinets and Shura Councils.
The Arbitration Committee consisted of a number of highly professional and specialized people in the field, whose voting process was based on International Measures and performed in two stages, in order to ensure transparency and accuracy in electing the winner.

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