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Traffic Diversions Requests

Submit Traffic Diversion Request

Instructions :
  • Click 'Proceed to Traffic Diversion Request Form' button and fill-up the form
  • Inspection Form will be printed after Traffic Diversion Form was filled-up and submitted
  • The Inspection Form should be signed by the Inspector and attached along with the other documentation
  • According to the Governorate, call the associated inspector to arrange for a visit
  • The following documents are needed when requesting for a Traffic Diversion
    • Inspection Form
    • Diversion Plan
    • Copy of Way Leave or Emergency Letter
    • Planning Permission
    • Request Letter
    • Building Permit (Municipality Permit)
    • Other
*Note :
  • If you don't attach the required documents, you will have to submit a paper copy of the documents at the counter.
  • The required documents can be attached in electronic form (PDF/JPG/JPEG/GIF/BMP)