Sitra Sewage Treatment Plant is one of the new plants that have been upgraded as part of the expansion and construction works implemented in Sitra industrial area, which contains a number of industrial constructions and establishments. Sitra Plant treats industrial waste from factories in the industrial area, in addition to treating sewage water and waste from houses in Sitra.
Sitra Sewage Treatment Plant was constructed and upgraded over 2 phases; phase 1 was completed and operational in Feb 2008, while phase 2 was completed and operational in December 2009. The average capacity of the plant is 16,500m3/day, and is presently receiving flows between 10,000 to 11,000m3/day. The cost of the project is BD7.7 million. The treatment process at the plant takes place 24/7.
The plant is operated using the remote control system (Escada), and is equipped with an alarm system that goes off if high levels of alkali or acid are detected, especially in industrial wastewater. Other techniques are also used in the plant to reduce odors at some locations.
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