Contractor: El-dor Contracting Company for Excavations and Construction.

Project brief: This integrated project is the result of road development works with the construction and development of the sewage network in the targeted area of block 1056, as well as the construction of a rainwater drainage network to serve more than 230 residential units. It also included the modernization of all the services and the multiple land networks (electricity, water, sewage, road lighting). The new networks were built and replaced by some of the networks, with specifications that are in line with the comprehensive modernization in the area and the urban expansion with the construction of sidewalks on both sides of the road, Safe for pedestrians. As well as laying ground channels in all roads and intersections to ensure that the asphalt will not be cut when the future need to extend any of the multiple services in addition to the installation of traffic signs and regulatory warning necessary to ensure road users safety.

Sector : Roads Area : Southern
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Project Status : Finished Projects