​​​​Contractor:  Jalal Al Aali & Sons Company

Cost: 2,850,975 dinars (two million eight hundred and fifty thousand nine hundred and seventy-five dinars).​

Project breif: The development of the street includes the conversion of the street to a two-lane road with a width of 3.5 meters per track. All intersections will be developed on the street and managed by light signals, the establishment of service roads in each direction and parking spaces, new lighting, the construction of a series of extensions to the existing water lines and electricity network in the area, transformation of service lines that are contrary to road works in coordination with the Electricity and Water Authority, the establishment of public transport stations in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Communications, the development of signs and traffic signs and regulatory warning to achieve the required safety on the street, and the development of ground channels for future use.

Sector : Roads Area : Northern
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