Contractor: Zaedon Building Construction

Cost: BD 787,639 ​

Summary: The MOW has considered the modern needs for the Ministry of Education to provide a convenient and engaging environment. The building will be built on a 2238 square meters space, with 3 floors that contain 16 classes in total, provided with modern educational devices as well as special classes for family education and art subjects, in addition to service facilities.

The building is designed for longevity with the concept of green buildings and energy rationalization in order to preserve the environment and natural resources. Thermal insulation for surfaces, walls and roofs, and windows will be used to reduce electricity costs, which air conditioning is a big part of.

The design also provides ease of movement for students and teachers of special needs or pregnancy, by implementing slopes at the entrances of the building in addition to providing elevators to facilitate movement between floors, as well as spacious restrooms that fulfill their needs.


Sector : Building Area : Southern
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