Client: Ministry of Education
Budget / Cost Estimate in BD. (1000): 2,042,348
Completion Percentage: 100%
Description: The works comprise the construction of 3 blocks for Administration, Academic & MPH (28 classrooms). It consists of four storey's of Academic/Administration Block -1 (5575 m²), three storey's Academic Block -2 of (1310.5 m²) and Multipurpose hall 920 m² with associated external works and drainage.
Objective: To provide new school for intermediate level girls students at Hidd in line with the requirements of Ministry of Education school building programme to sustain the growth of new students of the area with 28 classrooms, multipurpose hall complete with services labs and other services.
Sector : Building Area : Muharraq
Project Size : Project Time Frame :
Start Date : 1/06/2010 End Date : 29/02/2012
Project Status : Finished Projects