Works Affairs participated in a Conference of the Partnership between Public and Private Sectors for Infrastructure Projects in Singapore

Published In : 26/10/2019

The Sanitary Affairs Sector of Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning has participated in the Conference of the Partnership between the Public and Private Sectors for Infrastructure Projects, which was organized by the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign recently.   

24 Participants attended the conference from different countries around the world. During which, knowledge and practical experiences were shared regarding the projects of collection, treatment and distribution of wastewater as well as the projects of roads and bridges.

Mrs. Rehab Abdulmahdi Mohsin who is Engineering Program Specialist at the Sanitary Engineering Operation and Maintenance Directorate has exhibited the experience of Bahrain related to simplification of the tendering process by implementing the prequalification for the contractors. As well as that, the Sanitary Engineering Affairs Sector has presented the initiative of studying the feasibility of employing the Capacitor Banks in the wastewater pumping stations to improve the efficiency of the power consumption that positively influences the sustainability of the sanitary services.

In addition to that, the conference speakers focused on the importance of the risk management as a success factor for the infrastructure projects, especially concerning the budget allocation and engagement of stakeholders that affect and get affected by the outcomes of the project. Moreover, the speakers presented some examples of infrastructure projects in Singapore, success factors and strategies to ensure that each project completes within the predetermined budget, timeframe and agreed quality. 


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