Published In : 25/03/2019

The Undersecretary of Ministry for Works Affairs Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Khayyat praised the efforts of the heads and members of the municipal councils to follow up the requests and proposals of the people associated with road and sewage services, stressing the importance of communication and integration between the Ministry of Works and municipal councils to achieve the public interest.

This came during a tour visit by Ahmed Al-Khayyat to a number of Saar areas accompanied by His Excellency, the President of the Northern Municipal Council Mr. Ahmed Al-Kooheji (representative of the Fifth District). Along with a number of engineers of the ministry, where they discussed a number of proposals and requests related to the fifth district areas in the northern governorate.

The Undersecretary of Business Affairs pointed out that such inspection tours come within the directives of His Excellency the Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning. Issam bin Abdullah Khalaf that stress the need to follow the requests of citizens and suggestions of members of municipal councils in various governorates of the Kingdom.

During the tour, Mr. Ahmed Al-Kooheji presented a number of proposals one of which was to study traffic safety on 13th Street in Saar, 11 Interchange with Route 1719, as well as studying the traffic situation on Road 25 and discussing planning its intersection with Route 13 near Saar Mall to ensure smooth traffic. Road 8131 at Block 481 in Shakhoura was also discussed, paving 23 and adjacent roads at Block525, paving the dirt roads of Block 527, where the roads were cleared at that complex due to the lack of a sewage network in that area.

For his part, the Undersecretary of Ministry for Works in his explained that the Ministry will study these requests and that they will be taken into consideration by the competent departments. At the end of the tour, the President of the Northern Municipal Council expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Undersecretary of the Ministry for Works Affairs and the Engineers' Team of the Ministry for their generosity and continuous follow-up to all the proposals of the people.


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