Communications Directorate


    The Communications​ Directorate (COD) works to raise the profile of the Ministry of Works and portray the vital role it plays in providing public works services and contributing to the economic and social development of the Kingdom. COD aims to inform, educate and engage Ministry staff and a range of stakeholders about the Ministry’s mission and the goals of its business strategy. It enhances the Ministry’s status locally, regionally and internationally through corporate level announcements, business partner networking and online communications.
    A newly designated directorate, COD handles the Ministry’s media relations. It is both proactive and responsive, writing and issuing press releases when appropriate, responding to press and media enquiries by phone and in newspapers, and organizing media interviews and press events when necessary.
    COD plans, compiles and edits the Ministry’s corporate promotional publications, both internal and external. It develops and carries out promotional activities for, and organizes and manages, media attendance at corporate events. It also manages Ministry attendance at local, regional and international conferences and exhibitions.


    COD advises the Ministry’s departments and sections on all publicity and PR issues, including media liaison and promotional initiatives.

    The Community Services Group within the COD is responsible for responding to public feedback relating to the Ministry’s services. The group coordinates with all Directorates to resolve complaints in a timely and efficient manner; tracks the response time and works to improve it.