The Roads Sector is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all road users by developing and maintaining a safe, efficient and convenient Kingdom-wide road network. It achieves this goal through the work of its Roads Planning & Design Directorate and Roads Projects & Maintenance Directorate, in association with public and private sector partners.

    The Ministry follows the Road Master Plan for all road network development and improvements. This plan is a land use transportation model based on future population and traffic growth, with integrated data from other government agencies involved in development. The Roads Sector has embarked on a number of strategic initiatives to support this plan, including an Integrated Strategic Transport Study to review improvements to public transport, and projects to enhance Intelligent Transport Systems and lead the National Safety Strategic Plan. Meanwhile, a great number of immediate road improvement schemes are underway.
    In line with the Ministry’s commitment to becoming a project management organization, the Roads Sector works in partnership with the public and private sectors to enhance productivity and optimize the use of resources to achieve its vision of becoming a core traffic management organization. Under the supervision of the Roads Sector, some 60% of road designs, tenders, surveys and traffic management planning studies are currently awarded to international consultants.