H. E. The Minister of Works

    The Ministry of Works (MOW) is responsible for all infrastructure in the Kingdom of Bahrain, including the public road network, drainage systems, and public buildings. Its work -- which encompasses strategic planning, design, development, construction, project management and maintenance -- is carried out in accordance with the National Strategic Master Plan for Bahrain, outlook 2030. This national plan provides the legal framework for structural planning, strategic development and investment in the Kingdom, as well as a strong framework for development control. 

    The Ministry’s vision is to be a leading professional organization providing quality services to the people of Bahrain. This vision is based on two deliverables: increasing the quality of life for all who live in Bahrain, and supporting national development goals for economic progress. The Ministry’s commitment to developing Bahrain’s infrastructure has been reflected in increased budgets over the years. The goal of economic diversification has been supported with increased resources for upgrading Bahrain’s towns, villages, and urban areas and for supporting community development objectives.

    The Ministry is moving towards a model where it will manage the core business areas of sectoral planning, policy development and regulation as a high level project management body and optimize service delivery through outsourcing to the private sector.
    The Ministry’s Central Planning Organization (CPO) coordinates the planning and implementation of all public infrastructure projects across the public sector as well as major industries, such as oil and gas. The CPO has developed a novel and sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS) to support this function.