The Materials Engineering Directorate (MED)

    The Materials Engineering Directorate (MED) is responsible for quality assurance of all materials used in government projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This scope of work covers building materials, road materials and other materials used to construct new facilities and maintain existing ones. MED uses a range of testing criteria and quality assurance programs to verify the suitability of construction materials in terms of quality, environmental safety and cost benefits. It also ensures that the longevity of materials is aligned with their intended use and the life span of each project.
    The Directorate ensures that all materials used in building and road construction, as well as in sanitary engineering meet or exceed national specifications and standards. It also updates and modifies existing materials specifications to meet the demands of future development, while utilizing local materials in the best cost effective way. 
    The Directorate has four laboratories for its consulting and research services: the Building Materials Lab, Road Materials Lab, Chemical Analysis Lab and Geotechnical Engineering Lab. Its work in this area includes developing materials specifications, investigating reported construction problems, assessing and investigating existing structures, and providing quality assurance programs.