Ministry of Works - Standard Tendering Terms


The Ministry of Works and Housing invites suitable firms to tender for the Tender Subject. Interested tenderers will be required to comply with Legislative Decree Nos. 36 and 37 of 2002 with respect to Regulating Government Tenders and Purchases and also comply with the Prime Minister’s Resolution No. 21 for 1987 giving priority to National Products and products of National Origin. A brief description of the Works is given in the announcement. It is a requirement of this tender that interested firms must have a Commercial Registration for undertaking the Tendered works. Tenders that do not demonstrate this ability will be rejected. A non-refundable fee as mentioned in the form of a company cheque payable to the Ministry of Works & Housing is charged for each set of tender documents.

 Firms interested in this tender should collect documents as soon as possible after the announcement being placed on the web-site from the collection location during normal Government working hours. The Tender must be returned and deposited in the tender box provided at the Tender Board Office, 7th Floor, Almoayyed Tower, Seef Area as per the date and time stated above. Tenderers are to supply copies of:

 1. Company Commercial Registration, indicating the tender relevant field and receipt for current registration fee. CR to be stamped with company stamp.

 2. Copy of valid Certificate of Compliance with employment percentage for Bahraini Manpower, issued by the Ministry of Labour and stamped with company stamp.

 3. The total tender lump sum should be written and submitted in Form MF1606.

 4. Any other items listed in the Instructions to Tenderers.

 5. All the submitted documents (original or copy) should be stamped with Company stamp. Tenders shall remain valid for 180 days from the closing date.

An Initial Bond should be enclosed for the amount specified in the announcement or at a rate of 1% of the tender value, whichever of the amount is lesser, provided that no initial bond’s value shall be less than BD.100/- for local companies and establishments and 3% of the tender value for foreign companies and establishments. Ensure that the initial bond is in the form of a certified cheque or bank/insurance company guarantee, is valid for the duration specified in the tender documents and is enclosed with each tender.

 Tenders not complying with the above conditions and requirements as well as terms and conditions mentioned in the tender document will be rejected.

This advertisement will form part of the tender documents. ​