Standard Contract Agreement and Conditions of Contract
Following the recent major successful achievements, and to accomplish MOW mission and vision to be a key contributor to the Kingdom development and a leading professional organization that strives to provide quality services to the public through the use of best practices and innovative technologies, Ministry of Works of the Kingdom of Bahrain has launched the new set of Standard Contract Agreement and Conditions of Contract, on 9th November 2009.
Standard Contract Agreement and Conditions of Contract will be the standard for all new contracts to be made between the Ministry and local / international consultants / contractors, whether for the public or the private sector in the Kingdom and aims to set a solid foundation for all construction projects in Bahrain, and consists of four parts, namely the following:
1. Building And Engineering Works
2. Engineering Consultancy Services
3. Quantity Surveying Consultancy Services
4. Minor Works, Supply of Materials, Supply of Equipments, Supply of Human Resources and Maintenance & Repair Works
The documents now released conform with International contract agreements and conditions and also ensure the rights of all parties involved in the implementation of any construction project.
The Main changes introduced through the new Standard Conditions of Contract were:
  •  An option to include clause for fluctuation.
  • Mediation as an option for resolving disputes.
  •  Early evaluation of the time and cost consequences of variations.
  • A clearer system of communication amongst clients, contractors 
The major benefits to be gained in applying this document are the harmonization of professional practices in the construction industry, and the curtailment of informal developments so as to ensure well-planned, well-maintained, safe, cost effective, decent building developments, infrastructure, other services and projects throughout the Country.
This Standard document is now officially implemented and applied to all Ministry of Works projects. Sets of these documents, comprising both the printout and the electronic versions, can be purchased from the Office of the Assistant Undersecretary, Technical Services.