Standard Specifications for Construction Works
      ​ Following the successful achievements, and to accomplish Ministry of Works, Urban affairs and Urban Planning mission and vision to be a key contributor to the Kingdom's development and a leading professional organization that strives to provide quality services to the public through the use of best practices and innovative technologies, the Ministry of Works, Urban affairs and Urban Planning of the Kingdom of Bahrain has lunched the set of Standard Specifications for Construction Works, on 18th November 2009. MoW has updated and issued the second edition of the set of Standard Specifications for Construction Works 2019.

 The newly updated Standard Specifications for Construction Works aims to create consistency in the construction industry by providing an essential reference for developers that guarantees the development of construction projects in accordance with the highest standards. It provides the design professionals with a guide for accepted construction practices for the Ministry of Works projects.

This document will be nationally recognized and will serve as a standard reference for building design and construction of infrastructure and other civil engineering projects.

The major benefits to be gained in applying this document are the harmonization of professional practices in the construction industry, and the curtailment of informal developments so as to ensure well-planned, well-maintained, safe, cost effective and decent building developments and infrastructure and other services and projects throughout the Country.

The Standard Specifications for Construction Works are based upon the best applicable International Standards and Specifications and should be interpreted in conjunction with the standards currently in use in the Gulf region. The Standard Specifications for Construction Works will be periodically updated and new editions issued to reflect dynamic technological developments in the construction industry.

The primary objective of the project was to review, unify and update as necessary the Specifications. The secondary objective is to review and recommend a more appropriate format for transforming the Specifications into a unified National Standard Specification applicable to all projects. Amongst other main objectives were:

• To check consistency and compliance with appropriate current international standards and practices.
• To ensure that applicable codes and practices of regions with similar climatic conditions to that of the Kingdom of Bahrain are included.
• To update all the referenced standards and codes to reflect the latest changes.
• Check applicability of all clauses and the consistency between sections.
• Include missing sections and clauses.
• Produce the final document after the final review; both digital and printed copies.

This Standard document is now officially implemented and applied to all Ministry of Works projects. Sets of these documents, comprising both the printout and the electronic versions, can be purchased from the Office of the Assistant Undersecretary, Technical Services.