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Sanitary Connection Application

Submit Sanitary Connection Application

The following documents are needed when requesting for a Sanitary connection

Copy of the land deed and land certificate
Copy of property site location plan
Copy of property address card or electricity bill
Copy of property owner CPR
Layout plan which shows all the proposed internal plumbing and drainage (ground Floor)
Photos show the building & existing sewerage pipes outlets
Copy of Building Permit

The required documents can be attached in electronic form. If you are not attaching the required documents in electronic form then you will have to submit a paper copy of the documents at the counter.
For any query please call: 17875325/17875424 from 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

For following up please contact:
Mr. Hassan Eid, email HassanAAE@works.gov.bh Tel 17875325
Mr. Manar Mohammed, email ManarMA@works.gov.bh Tel 17875424
Important Note:
1. Applications from consultants will be accepted only if the required documents are attached in electronic form
2. For Benayat Building Permits, process should be completed in Benayat system, eService will not accept these requests.