Contractor: Bio/Zero Waste Blue-water
Consultant: P2m Berlin Middle East
Cost: BD8 Million
Brief Description: The Project aims to upgrade the secondary treatment unit at Tubli STP, using the ‘HYBACS’ technique, which is to improve the quality of water and the 100,000m3/day overflow to Tubli Plant. The project deploys proprietary SMARTTM reactor units that stimulate a special and specific bacterial pattern with a high biological activity that has the ability to deal with different levels of organic materials. This will reflect on the quality of waters discarded in Tubli Bay. It will also create balance between the present capacity of the plant (200,000 m3/day) and the daily flow to the plant, which is estimated to be 300,000m3. The upgrade of the plant will address the 100,000m3/day difference subordinately.
Sector : Sanitary Area : Central
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