Description: The project comprises of repaving a number of roads, main and secondary roads that have already deteriorated, expanding roads to increase their capacity and safety levels, protecting existing services, implementing rain water drainage network, constructing parking spaces, and signage. These projects are the following:
NOProject titleCostDescription
1Revamp of roads in Block 203, MuharraqBD368,672Comprises of constructing a single road at the length of 0.65km, re-constructing roads in the block using concrete brick at the length of 2.1km and implementing a storm water drainage network in low areas
2Revamp of Abo Shaheen, Daibal and Noon AvenueBD698,717Revamp roads at a length of 6.7km, re-paving roads using asphalt and constructing parking spaces in front of commercial shops
3Revamp of Azil Avenue, Block 928BD398,000Constructing a one way road at each direction; extending from Avenue 38 in the West at a length of 1400m to the East, parallel to Wali Al Ahad Highway
4Revamp of Abdul Rahman Al Dakhil Avenue- Block 321BD288,034Revamp the avenue extending from Palace Avenue to Exhibition Road
5Expansion of Awal Avenue in Manama- Juffair Block 324BD759,37Expnad the avenue by increasing the number of lanes to 3 lanes at each direction at a length of 3.5km
6Revamp of Janabiya Avenue and Budaiya Highway Interchange  Transform the roundabout connecting Budaiya Highway to Janabiya Avenue into a traffic signal controlled intersection, adding side lanes along the intersection, constructing part of the road leading to North town and constructing Road 4077 ​

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