Description: The project is one of the most important projects awarded in 2013 for the roads sector; comprising of creating proper infrastructure for roads, paving works, creating parking spaces, implementing a rain water drainage network, pedestrian pavements, lighting, implementing speed humps, and signage.
NoProject titleCostRoad lengthNo. of units benefiting from project
1Burhama- Block 351, Road 5123 and environs BD518,4457km60 residential units
2Busaiteen- Phase 2- Blocks 226 & 228BD2,334,87611km582 residential units
3Hidd Block 109BD1,235,8328km422 residential units
4Hidd Block 112BD553,6905km306 residential units
5Tubli- Block 711, Road 1135 and environsBD2,362,17410km821 residential units
6Sanad- Blocks 743 & 745 BD517,5073km408 residential units
7Galali- Block 254- Phase 2BD1,086,7678km 
8Busaiteen- Block 228- Phase 1BD495,1533.6km645 residential units​

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