Owner: Ports and Maritime Affairs (PMA) Ministry of Transportation
Contractor: To be Awarded
Consultant: In the process of appointing the Consultant Cost: BD 22,000,000
Estimated Start Date : 23rd February 2014
Estimated End Date: 27th August 2015
Brief Description: The Project comprises the dredging and disposal of the dredged materials along 65 km length channel to a maximum depth of -15 m CD. The boreholes data from the geotechnical investigation performed during Phase 1 indicates that the majority of the material to be dredged is caprock present at varying depths along the channel. At certain locations along the length of the channel, there are also some pockets siltstones above the -15m CD.
Sector : Strategic Area : Muharraq
Project Size : Project Time Frame :
Start Date : End Date :
Project Status : In Progress Projects